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Ultimate Proof That 6 Wheels Are Cooler Than 4

After seeing the G63 6x6 on Top Gear, here is a list of the 'other' six-wheeled vehicles you might not have known about

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Mercedes G63 6x6 After seeing the amazing Mercedes G63 6x6 on Top Gear last night, we were thinking: what other cool six-wheeled vehicles are out there? We asked you for suggestions on Facebook, and have compiled this list based on your responses.

Renault 5

Renault 5 leotard Eccentric French engineer Christian de Leotard built a number of these crazy 6x6 Renault 5s in the 80s. One competed in the Dakar rally, and there was even a twin-engined Renault 5 Turbo version. This is the kind of madness we approve of.

Tyrrell P34

ScheckterJody1976-07-31Tyrrell-FordP34 When it comes to radical F1 cars, the 2014 season's phallic-noseconed machines don't even come close to the highly unorthodox Tyrrell P34. By having normal size wheels at the back, and four smaller 10-inch wheels at the front, drag could be reduced, while giving a larger tyre contact patch. The team raced the car with reasonable success in the 1976 and 1977 F1 seasons, clocking up a win and several podiums. Tyrrell was forced to switch back to a conventional car for 1978, after Goodyear refused to develop the titchy front tyres.

Range Rover Classic 6x6

Range Rover 6x6 There were numerous companies offering to convert the Range Rover Classic into a six-wheeled vehicle. Christian de Leotard, who built the aforementioned Renault 5 6x6, had a hand in designing one example. There was also the TACR2 fire response vehicle, though most of these were only four-wheel drive, with the additional axle being un-driven.

Covini C6W

Covini-C6W-08 Apparently inspired by the Tyrrell P34, the bizarre Convini C6W is a six-wheeled supercar, powered by a 4.2-litre V8. It went into (very limited) production late last decade. Its 428bhp, Audi-sourced V8 gives it a top speed of 186mph.

Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux 6x6

Hilux 6x6 Remember the Arctic Trucks 4x4 Hilux the Top Gear boys took on their North Pole expedition? This is the 6x6 version. As it's considerably longer than the standard Hilux, it has a much higher load capacity, and with six 33 inch tyres, much more traction too.

Kamaz Typhoon

KamAZ-63968_Typhoon_-_Engineering_technologies_2012_(5) The 6x6 G63 may be pretty badass, but it's got nothing on this beast. Built by Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz, the Typhoon is a 21-tonne armoured infantry carrier. It's big enough to carry 16 of Russia's finest, and has thick armour designed to protect against mines and 14.5mm rounds.