Try Not To Wince At This Huge Scirocco 'Ring Crash And Painful Recovery

We're not sure what's more difficult to watch: this Scirocco's Nurburgring crash, or the 'crunchy' recovery efforts...

Remind me later

This VW Scirocco driver ended up becoming a little too acquainted with Nurburgring Armco recently, as shown in this rather dramatic trackside-shot video. The driver seems to be in trouble as soon as she comes into the frame, bouncing along the grass.

She gets back onto the tarmac, only to carry too much speed into the next corner, understeering straight into a tyre wall and then the barrier. The impact itself looks huge and is followed by multiple rolls. Amazingly, the driver was said to be “OK and able to get our of her car herself,” according to the uploader.

The painful viewing isn’t over once the crash is finished, however. It’s arguably just as wince-inducing to watch the recovery crew attempt to get the battered Scirocco back on its wonky wheels - a process which is best described as crunchy.