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Top 10 Bizarre Car Colour Names

You can have it in any colour, so long as it's Hot Magenta Pearl Metallic...

Remind me later
12C_Spider_12_10-00550 “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black” is a maxim I’m sure you’re equally tired of reading as I am of writing. Once restricted by choice, nowadays car buyers flock to monolithic hues as a matter of course. Black may’ve been the most desirable colour of 2012, but I’m willing to bet virtually no cars were sold in that specific shade. Plenty in “Ebony”. A few in “Carbon”. But none in “Black”. Even London Taxis - or “Black Cabs” as they’re lovingly known - aren’t really “Black” anymore. They’re “Charcoal Grey”. So without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most ridiculous car colour names:

10. Mitsubishi: Winning Turquoise Pearl

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Rumour has it, Charlie Sheen has demanded all his cars be painted in “Winning Turquoise” from now on...

9. Ford: Gotta Have It Green

Image © Ford Motor Co Image © Ford Motor Co
Gotta have it? No.

8. Kia: Vanilla Shake

Image © Kia Image © Kia
“Beige” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

7. Lotus: Norfolk Mustard

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Sounds delicious...

6. Ford: Tangerine Scream

Ford Focus ST Estate Live in Essex? Fan of spray-on tan? This Ford Focus ST's colour is the perfect match!

5. Bugatti: Rape Yellow

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Bugatti has since corrected the translation error that lead to “Rape Yellow” showing up on the Veyron Configurator...

4. Ford: Squeeze

Image © Ford Motor Co Image © Ford Motor Co
What exactly you'd have to squeeze to get a substance of this colour, I’m not sure...

3. Ford: Last Stand Custard

S158_Ford_1970_Torino-Cobra_2-Dr.-Hardtop_0A38J171876_900 Image via
The mind boggles.

2. Holden: ManGenta

Image via Wikipedia Commons Image via Wikipedia Commons
They also had a “Nipple Pink” back in the 70s...

1. Vauxhall: Anything on the ADAM

Image © Vauxhall Image © Vauxhall
This isn't red. It's "Red'n'Roll". Also available is "James Blonde", and "I'll Be Black"... Think of any others? Let us know in the comments.