Tom Harrison 6 years ago 0

This Subaru Impreza Is On The Right Track...

Remind me later
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you replaced the wheels of your car with tank-tracks? No, me neither. But that shouldn’t stop us from reveling in the sheer audacity of this fully “tracked” 196,000 mile (blimey!) 2002 Subaru Impreza that popped up on eBay the other day. “WOW!” reads the typically enthusiastic American ad’, “You are looking at what may be only the SECOND tracked WRX in the history of the world. In all of our research we have not been able to find any other tracked WRX. Just this one, and Ken Block’s. Ken Block’s car is rumored (sic) to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This one can be yours for only $17,500!”. What a steal! Gymkhana king Ken Block’s “Trax” Impreza (The “x” makes it well current, innit) is a fastidiously well-engineered snow-toy, with re-jigged suspension and shocks. On the other hand, this Impreza has been modified by a company called “American Track Truck”, which, for some reason, doesn’t really fill me with confidence. On the plus side though, it comes with a set of standard wheels and tires, which the ad’ says can be “installed or removed by one person in under an hour”. I wouldn’t recommend that though, unless you want to end up under your new Impreza, rather than in it. Furthermore, the interior looks to be in pretty good nick, and it sports a fetching (I suspect faux...) carbon fiber bonnet. There's only a few hours left before the auction runs dry, so if you’re prepared to stump up $16k for what’s essentially a $2k car with TOTALLY AWESOME tank tracks, then, my good man, massive respect to you.