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This Outrageous Footage Shows What Happens When A Tow Truck Driver And Car Owner Get Violent

A tow truck driver drags a badly damaged car dangerously through the streets of Compton in California, swinging it wildly from side to side as the car's owner stands on the truck - and now we know what happened

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The footage above is pretty dramatic. As the sparks start to fly from the badly damaged Nissan Altima you realise there’s something badly wrong, but then when you see the man standing on top of the fast-moving tow truck you just have to admit you don’t have a clue what’s happening.

The Altima swings wildly as the truck corners, coming within what looks like inches of hitting stationary cars parked at the roadside, all while the ‘camera car’ tries to stop the truck. The truck isn’t having any of it, though, and continually tries to swerve around before eventually a police car arrives and stops both cars.

As it turns out, the tow truck driver had picked-up the Altima for being parked illegally, according to NBC Los Angeles. He seems to have done it via the wrong end, but we digress. When the car’s owner ran out of the store he was in, he began yelling at the tow truck driver and trying to free his car.

The truck driver drove away, claiming he feared for his safety, but the guy we ultimately see on the back of the tow truck was given a lift and caught up with the towed car, climbed on and smashed the rear windscreen of the truck with a crowbar before continuing to try to free the wrecked Altima from the tow truck’s grip.

Both men were questioned and released, but the police are reportedly considering charges against the man on the truck, while the driver is in the clear. He’s probably not looking forward to going back to work, though…