Jack Leslie profile picture Jack Leslie 5 years ago

This Lego And Grand Theft Auto Mash-Up Is Hilarious

Combining the innocence of Lego with the brutal chaos and violence of Grand Theft Auto makes for a brilliantly funny and incredibly clever video

Remind me later

It’s probably unlikely we’ll see Lego taking over the world of Grand Theft Auto but we can always dream, can’t we? But, what would it be like if these two very different universes collided?

Well, YouTuber Nukazooka has decided to find out, bringing Lego characters to life in this cheeky, manic 3D animation and transforming them into a GTA-like world.

Of course, it features all the usual antics you’d expect from GTA, such as hijacking cars, jumping out of a helicopter mid-flight, getting a haircut and flying through the air on a motorbike.

We definitely need to see more of these!