This Lamborghini Diablo Replica Looks Surprisingly Convincing

Most supercar replicas fall embarrassingly short of the mark when it comes to styling, but this apparently faithfully-recreated Diablo might just be the exception to the rule

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Apologies for the truly, truly awful camera work here...

As a rule of thumb we’re not generally all that interested in replica supercars. They’re usually shonky-looking monstrosities that stand out for all the wrong reasons, but in this fake Lamborghini Diablo we might have found a respectable one.

Built in 2014 from scratch, using impressively replicated parts over a space frame chassis, this is the work of Parallel Designs. Officially known as the Torero, customers could order it in various states of build. Both fully-built versions with suitable engines and basic parts kit packages were offered. You could even have a part-built rolling chassis for you to then finish yourself.

Lamborghini - This Lamborghini Diablo Replica Looks Surprisingly Convincing - Used Cars

We stumbled across this one on eBay. The advert is disappointing, with mostly low-res pictures, lazy screen grabs and practically zero detail in the text. Pro tip: if you want to sell your hand-built replica supercar for £37,500, putting some effort in and adding a few actual details about the car’s build and history is always reassuring to a buyer…

The seller does at least say, vaguely, that there’s ‘loads and loads’ of paperwork to show the work done during the build. There are no pictures of the interior but Parallel Designs were famously detailed in their recreation of the original Diablo layout, so it should be good.

Lamborghini - This Lamborghini Diablo Replica Looks Surprisingly Convincing - Used Cars

There’s no Italian V12 under the engine cover, sadly, but it’s hardly terrible news. This one runs the builder’s preferred stand-in; a 5.0-litre BMW V12. Okay, so it sounds just about nothing like a real Diablo’s ultra-charismatic 12-banger, but it’ll do.

Let’s open it up to the floor! What do you think of this replica? Convincing enough to be worthy, or would you turn your back on it purely on principle?