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This Is The Maddest, Baddest Fiat 500 In The World

This rear-wheel drive, ultra-wide Fiat 500 has a mid-mounted engine from an Alfa 4C, 350bhp and push-rod suspension, as well as a price tag that will make you wince

Remind me later

This is one Fiat 500 that you really don’t want to mess with, because it might just eat your face. Just look at it! The Giannini 350 GP appeared last weekend at the 2017 Best of Italy event, and it has to be the meanest, angriest-looking 500 we’ve ever seen.

Massive, flared wheel arches with GT3 RS-style vents are the most obvious change, but power comes from a mid-mounted Alfa Romeo 4C engine, while power goes to the rear wheels. Output is adjustable from the driver’s seat, but it’s as much as 350bhp: plenty in a car the size of a shoe. There’s a manual gearbox (the 4C’s auto is said to be an option), pushrod suspension, 19-inch wheels and Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers at the front. Safe to say it stops quite quickly, then.

Giannini has a history of fettling Fiat 500s, having turned the volume up on the original as well. The modern 350GP is the Italian-American company’s latest offering to you, the humble consumer who likes their helping of Italian midget car with an added barrel of hot sauce. Yep, you can actually buy one, but it’s about 10 times the price of a normal 500, nearly eight times the price of a standard Abarth 500 and almost three times the price of an Alfa 4C, at €150,000.

The company wants to build 100 of them to sell to lunatics all over the world, most of whom will no doubt quickly find out what happens when you try oversteer in a mid-engined car with this much power and a wheelbase this short. Early Renault Sport Clio V6 owners know the score…