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This Angry Four-Rotor RX-7 Dyno Run Has A Racing Car Soundtrack

The dyno run video of David Mazzei's incredible RX-7 includes flames and Mazda 787B-like noises

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We’ve covered Rob Dahm’s astonishing three-rotor Mazda RX-7 a few times before, but the man’s latest video focuses on someone else’s FD. And we just can’t get enough of the noise it makes.

David Mazzei’s RX-7 is powered by a custom-built four-rotor engine, and a big driving force behind the project is the urge to recreate the sound of the legendary Mazda 787B prototype racer. The first and only rotary-powered car to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans emits an addictive shriek we’re unlikely to hear in the motorsport world ever again, and this FD is deliciously close to replicating that soundtrack.

This Angry Four-Rotor RX-7 Dyno Run Has A Racing Car Soundtrack - Tuning

Unlike the naturally-aspirated 787 engines, Mazzei’s four-rotor is fed by a GTX5533R 98mm Garrett turbocharger. Inevitably, then, there are plenty of whistles and chattering you wouldn’t have heard from the 787, but all those turbo noises merely add drama to the wail of the four-rotor.

The engine is extremely potent, too, clocking 950hp on the final run in the video. And apparently, there’s even more to come…