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This $35k Racing Sim Setup Deserves A Place In Your Dream House

Tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy has created an amazing racing sim setup with three 65-inch curved OLED screens

Remind me later

A video like this will naturally lead to one question (well, two if you include “why is that man shouting?”) - why would anyone spend so much on a racing sim setup, when the same amount of money would buy a pretty sweet car? It’s a simple answer: generally, if you’re rich enough to blow $35,000 on a cool plaything, you’ll probably be rich enough to own a few fast cars too. After all, even well-off people can’t be racing at the Nurburgring one minute and then Laguna Seca the next.

That said, it’s not the best setup we’ve seen, and those pricey OLED TVs push the price into the territory of systems with features like head tracking and even motion simulation. Although if you’re really rich, you can spend even more: here’s one that costs $185k…

Via via Car Scoops