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The Tesla Roadster's 'SpaceX Pack' Will Make It Even Faster

During a shareholder conference, Elon Musk promised an even quicker version of Tesla's incoming Roadster

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Tesla - The Tesla Roadster's 'SpaceX Pack' Will Make It Even Faster - News

Amidst all Tesla’s problems - from the long-running Model 3 production woes to those gigantic 2018 Q1 losses - it’s easy to forget the Californian company has some incredible stuff planned for the future. So long as Tesla’s able to stick around, in the next few years we’ll see the Semi, an M3-baiting Model 3 Performance and even a C-segment hatchback.

But the one we’re most looking forward to is - inevitably - the Roadster. How can you not be won over by something which looks like that, and will do 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds? And with a starting price of $200,000, it’s not even that expensive, considering the performance on offer.

But if you’re happy parting with more money, Tesla will sell you an even faster one. At a shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk - who this week saw off an attempt by investors to oust him from his position - promised versions of both the Semi and the Roadster that will be “even better than what was unveiled.”

Tesla - The Tesla Roadster's 'SpaceX Pack' Will Make It Even Faster - News

“In particular, the Tesla Roadster. What we unveiled with the Roadster was the base model performance. It’s going to have a SpaceX options package. It’s crazy,” he added. He didn’t offer any further details, but with the standard car already having something called a “plaid mode” (for the uninformed, that is - like ‘Ludicrous Mode’ - another Spaceballs reference), we don’t doubt the ‘crazy’ part.

All sounds a little needless when the base car is already so fast, but according to Musk, it’s all about challenging the “halo effect” of petrol-powered cars. “It’s important for us to show with the Roadster that an electric vehicle can outperform a gasoline car in every way,” he said.