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The New Toyota Supra Will Look A Lot Like This

Thanks to fresh spy shots seen this week, we're getting a better idea of how Toyota's new sports car will look sans camo. Here's our rendered interpretation

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Toyota - The New Toyota Supra Will Look A Lot Like This - News

Is there a car that’s more highly anticipated in the petrolhead community right now than the next Toyota Supra? We’d have to say a resounding no, judging by the severity to which the Internet is broken each time there’s a new video or spy shot of the car.

A set of new spy shots this week gave us our best look yet at the car, with a little less camouflage on the test mule than we’ve previously seen. Based on the new shots and the knowledge that Toyota’s new sports car will have a body inspired by the FT-1 concept from a couple of years ago, we commissioned our renderer to put together these two speculative images.

Since the test mule’s camo is still relatively heavy, our man had to employ a little artistic license here and there, but expect the car to look something like this.

Toyota - The New Toyota Supra Will Look A Lot Like This - News

But what else can we expect? Picking through all the various rumours and reports that have been floating around for the last few months, it’s looking like the top-of-the-range version of the car will use a V6 hybrid powertrain, with four-cylinder engines further down the pecking order. We still don’t know for sure if it’ll actually resurrect the Supra name, but it seems highly likely.

It’s being created as part of a joint sports car venture with BMW, which will also produce the Z4-replacing ‘Z5’. They’ll be very different cars though, with the BMW using a completely different bodywork (it’s also a cabriolet rather than a coupe), and coming with the company’s own inline-four and inline-six cylinder engines.