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The Innotech Aspiron Is Your New Corvette-Powered Track Day Weapon

Innotech unveil their track day supercar that's ripe for tuning

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innotech-aspiron-1 This is the Innotech Aspiron. Although it sounds like a budget laptop, it's actually a Corvette powered track car that features race-inspired technology and a wide range of V8 engines. We've given a run down of established road racers today, so let's take a look at this new kid on the block. The real selling point is the engines. The Aspiron will take 6.2- to 7.0-litre Corvette V8 engines from GM's range (that's the LS3, LS7, LT1 and supercharged LSA or LS9 for the geeks amongst you). Why is this such a positive? Well the LS motors are ripe for tuning, with very active communities. innotech-aspiron-2 The stock motors range from 500bhp to 800bhp, with a top of the range LS9 running on Ethanol fuel making around 1000bhp. You can even request custom engines based on LS racing blocks. All that power is routed through the rear wheels via a Ricardo 6-speed manual gearbox and a limited slip differential. innotech-aspiron-5 Underneath all that orange is a carbon fibre body that weighs just 760kg, with the race-car styling backed up by a tubular space frame structure. The cockpit seats 2 people and can even be specially adapted with "optional XL sized carbon-fibre seats
accomodate large drivers
." The prominent carbon-fibre wings are fully adjustable both front and rear to aid downforce out on the track. innotech-aspiron-6 The Aspiron prides itself on its many configurations, so your car will likely be unique. Unfortunately, despite its "reasonable pricing" claims, the Aspiron starts at £117,918 (114,000 EUR / $149,000) for the 500bhp, 6.2-litre LS3 model, rising to £161,445 (157,000 EUR / $204,000) for the 800bhp LS9 version. The Innotech Aspiron will make its debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed next week.