The Dodge Challenger Hellcat And Demon Face Off On The 'Strip

Fire and brimstone! It's a drag race between the SRT Hellcat and the SRT Demon

Remind me later

Sticker price aside, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon bests the ‘lesser’ Challenger Hellcat on every level. It has 840bhp to the Hellcat’s 697, all kinds of hefty engineering solutions for quarter-mile glory, and, well, it’s the Demon. Hellcat is a cool moniker, but it doesn’t get any more aggressive than naming your car after Satan himself.

But don’t think that means the Hellcat is humiliated when put up against its big brother on the quarter-mile. At least, not if this particular drag race is anything to go by - there really isn’t as much in it as you’d expect.

As a side note, how good does it sound having two supercharged V8s blaring out the song of our people simultaneously?

Video via Road and Track