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Tesla Just Recalled 53,000 Cars Due To Parking Brake Issue

The company is recalling all Model X and Model S EVs built between February and October 2016 due to a potential problem with the parking brake seizing

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Tesla - Tesla Just Recalled 53,000 Cars Due To Parking Brake Issue - News

If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X built between February and October 2016, it might have a duff parking brake. In what Tesla admits is an “overly cautious” move, the company has issued a worldwide recall for all cars manufactured in that period - 53,000 units - even though less than five per cent of them are thought to be affected.

There’s a small gear within the parking brake system that “could have been manufactured improperly” by the third-party - in this case Brembo. If it breaks, the parking brake will be stuck on.

Tesla is insisting the potential problem doesn’t constitute a safety issue, and that there have been no reported instances of the potentially problematic parking brake failing to hold a car or messing with the braking performance in general.

Affected owners have been emailed, and it doesn’t sound like it’ll give them too much of a headache to get it sorted, with the replacement part taking less 45 minutes to replace. Tesla expects to have enough parts to fix all affected cars by October 2017, and for now, the Californian firm says that “it is safe to continue regular use of your vehicle”.

Following the recall news, shares in Tesla dipped by 1.12 per cent.