Take A Closer Look At The Callaway Corvette Aerowagen

Jay Leno goes for a drive in an Aerowagen - a C7 Corvette converted into a shooting brake by Callaway Cars

Remind me later

The shooting brake bodystyle is awesome - that’s just science fact. The only trouble is, this once reasonably popular style has fallen out of favour. There are the odd exceptions like the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, but thankfully, while shooting brakes aren’t well represented in the new car market, some pretty awesome conversions exist.

One of those is from Callaway Cars, a company with a long history of modifying Corvettes. It’s called the Aerowagen, and the shooting brake-style look of the conversion can be applied to any C7 Corvette. At $14,990, it’s not even that expensive.

Jay Leno’s clearly a fan, but we’re not expecting everyone to dig the Aerowagen’s unique look. So, now’s the time to hand it over to you guys, to thrash it out in the comments…