Porsche Is Finally Back In The Le Mans Game With This Badass LMP1 Racer

All eyes will be on Porsche in 2014 as it attempts to make a triumphant return to the Le Mans 24 Hour race

lmp12 Porsche has taken its new LMP1 hybrid race car to the track after 16 years out of the game. Built to the 2014 specifications, it's set to compete next year. The man behind the wheel of this week's tests was Timo Bernhard, who won Le Mans in 2010 for Audi. The only other confirmed driver so far is Romain Dumas, who will also be putting the car through its paces in testing. lmp11 The car hit the track weeks ahead of schedule, which gives the engineers extra time to test and fine-tune the details that Porsche hope will lead the team to glory. While Porsche hasn't released any specifications thus far, we do know that it will run a hybrid petrol engine. Until more information is released, you can keep yourself occupied with Porsche's Mission 2014 microsite, which details their history at Le Mans.


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Good Guy Tesla, just another reason why we all love Tesla. Old news but still great to see Tesla in the right direction.

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