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McLaren Has Sort Of Revealed Its 'P14' 650S Successor

Say hello to the new 650S-replacing P14! Or part of it, at least...

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Mclaren - McLaren Has Sort Of Revealed Its 'P14' 650S Successor - News

Here it is, the new, 650S-replacing P14. No, really! It’s just that McLaren has only revealed the new carbonfibre Monocage II that’ll be at the core of the car, as a sort of engineering porn teaser.

But that’s fine - thanks to all the spy shots floating around the Interweb we have a rough idea of what the rest of it will look like, plus McLaren has revealed a handful of juicy details about this development of Monocage II to whet our appetite.

It offers a lower centre of gravity, larger openings for better access and visibility, and it’s even ever so slightly lighter than the tub it succeeds. It contributes to the first car in the second generation of McLaren’s ‘Sport Series’ being 18kg lighter than the 650S, with a dry weight of 1283kg. Oh, and if you want to show off that lovely carbon work to your mates, there’ll be an option to leave the A-pillars in bare CF. An option you should tick, obviously.

Full details on McLaren’s as yet unnamed 650S replacement (P14 is just a codename) will arrive in March.