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McLaren Has Confirmed Its Fastest Road-Legal Car Ever

McLaren likes it fast. Project P15 will be faster around a track than the P1 despite having no hybrid assistance, and McLaren has just released the first teaser

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Mclaren - McLaren Has Confirmed Its Fastest Road-Legal Car Ever - News

McLaren has confirmed the most extreme road-legal car in its history. Project P15, of which we brought you some details three months ago, will be even faster on track than the P1.

This will be the next new McLaren to arrive, beating the three-seat Project BP23 to the punch. Both, however, will be part of the Ultimate Series, McLaren’s fastest and most extreme cars.

P15, which will be a hyper-focused road-legal track car, will sacrifice everyday usability in favour of absolute performance, says McLaren. It will deliver “the most intensive driver experience around a circuit.” Design the company calls “brutal” will place going holy-mother-of-God fast at the very forefront of its aims.

For now, the limit of our fresh insight is this picture of a triple-hexagonal exhaust, over which we’re drooling heavily. McLaren has also confirmed that more details will be released before the end of this year. We can’t wait for those.