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Limousine Demolition Derby Is A Motorsport The FIA Needs To Endorse

This old video has surfaced, showing a four-car melee between hastily-decorated limos. It's basically the computer game Destruction Derby but with stretched Lincolns…

Remind me later

Well, if this isn’t the most brilliant motorsport in the world, we’d like to know what is. It features four old limousines competing to the death in a brilliantly eccentric demolition derby.

The video is old, filmed back in 2013 at the Holland Speedway Nascar circuit in the state of New York, but if it isn’t still happening, someone definitely needs to revive it. The four unroadworthy limos begin by reversing into each other hard enough to leave their bodywork in tatters.

Limousine Demolition Derby Is A Motorsport The FIA Needs To Endorse - News

Some fare better than others after the initial punches are thrown, and what happens next is pure carnage as the stronger cars begin to pick off the weaker ones. The end is something of an anticlimax as the cars seem to just break down rather than beating each other into submission, but it’s great fun nonetheless. Anybody got contacts with the FIA…?

There won’t be any shortage of scrap metal to use, either. We’ve seen plenty of limos on UK streets that we’d happily consign to this fate. Pink stretched Hummers, we’re looking especially hard at you.