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Blog #4: Will The Golden Age Of Japanese Cars Ever Happen Again?

Blog #4: Will The Golden Age Of Japanese Cars Ever Happen Again? - Blog

The 80s and 90s had a lot of legendary Japanese cars. There was the Celica, Supra, RX-7, NSX, Skyline, and a lot more. These cars were quick, fun to drive, and were epic. They had quirks like the pop-up headlights, and beautiful design. Unfortunately, when the 21st century came, they started to fade away. The golden age of Japanese cars ended. I always wished that these amazing cars were still around. Cars like the MR2, MX-3, and more. But will the golden age of Japanese cars ever come back again? Recently, we have seen some of these legends come back to market. Cars like the NSX, GT-R, and Supra. Some may argue that just because these few cars came back, does not mean the golden age of Japanese cars is back. But can these super-cars help bring an avalanche of impressive sports cars.

   I would like to state that there are many reasons why the golden age of Japanese cars may not happen again. I mostly blame the SUV boom. People are starting to buy SUVs and automakers may prioritize them for profitability. Since people, specifically people with family, may need SUVs, but will not get a sports car. Since sports cars are not that practical in my opinion. And since people would buy more SUVs, automakers may even revive the names of old sports cars and bring them back as SUVs, or crossovers. Like how the Eclipse, became the Eclipse Cross. You can even make crossovers with sports car performance. Stuff like the Model Y are designed to also give the driver the performance of a sports car. So buyers may end up getting performance crossovers.
Blog #4: Will The Golden Age Of Japanese Cars Ever Happen Again? - Blog

But part of me still thinks that maybe the golden age of Japanese cars may happen again. Some may argue and say, just because only a few of these legendary cars may have been revived, does not mean that the Japanese sports car age is not happening. I agree, but these cars may usher in some new cooler sports cars. Toyota has stated that the Supra is not the last revived sports car. They have also hinted that we will see some new sports cars. They have shown interest in bringing back the Celica and MR2. They have even teased an upcoming hypercar. Honda is also rumored to bring back the Prelude. Apparently, people at Honda would like to see the Prelude come back. Since the Accord Coupe got discontinued, it may make sense that the bring back the Prelude.

 Not only that some of these legends may make a return, but new sports cars may even come. Honda is going to launch a new electric sports car soon, in a few years. And if the golden age of Japanese cars happens again, some of these cars may end up electric. I still doubt of we will ever reach a time like the golden age of Japanese sports cars, but I am sure that we are headed for an interesting time. I am sure that the next few years will be important years in the glorious automotive industry. We are enduring a lot of changes. Some may not be desired, and others may be good. We are starting to see more Electric cars hit the market. Infotainment systems are getting bigger. Many innovations are going in our cars. And we are starting to see old legends come back again. I am certainly exited for what the future will bring us.