2010s in Cars: Top 10 Car Chases.

Sadly, the Decade’s almost up and what 10 years we’ve had. We witnessed Obama and Trump do stuff, Some places got blown up, Britain shot itself in the foot, Many great people passed away, some babies were born, 2016 happened, Florida Man did some really crazy shit and there was something to do with a Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo. However, being the car-loving idiots we are, there’s no way I’m letting the 2020s come without a recap of the decade of everything cars. Over the next few months (Well the next 2), I’m going write articles about everything from the good to the bad to the quirky to the cool of everything with 4 wheels, and so let’s hit it off with probably the coolest of all things cars: Car chases.

Since the 1950s, car chases have been a staple of action movies and of course, they still are. Since 2010, there have been over a hundred action movies, and the majority would have some car chase here or there, but these 10 (in my opinion) are the best.
Of Course, there are some rules.

  1. Chases must have specifically Cars only
  2. Only 1 Car chase per movie.

Heres how I will be judging it

and so combined, I’ll rate it out of 30.

x/10 for editing (Camera angle, jump cuts, music etc)
x/10 for cars used (self-explanatory)
x/10 for stunts/action etc (badassness, jumps, slides, burnouts etc)

Understood? No? I don’t care, let’s do this!

10. Spectre (2015): Rome Car Chase

Kicking the list off is the great car chase from the not so great film that was Spectre. While Skyfall won lots of action buffs hearts for its sheer amazing story and quality of the actors along with one of the best bike chases of all time, Spectre fell short by failing in 2 out of those 3 categories. Luckily Spectre still had the action to compensate for Daniels Craig’s acting that felt right at home in a queue at a bank.
One of those is the Rome car chase early in the movie starring the made-for-movie Aston Martin DB10 getting chased through the beautiful streets of Rome by the just-missed-production-because-our-company-got-cold-feet Jaguar CX75 and uh, a Fiat 500 which gets unwillingly sucked into the chase.

And it’s a great scene that almost makes up for the lack of an actual car chase in Skyfall. The chase is fast and quick with skids, slides, and a roaring soundtrack of the Aston V12 and uhhh a Jaguar V8?
Funny story, the thing is that the original CX75 was supposed to have a twin-charged 4cyl with electric motors supplying power as well. for the movie, they used a stunt double with a supercharged V8. Much cooler.
The Aston is just as cool. being based on the old Vantage S, with the engine and 6 speed manual transmission, but with similar styling of the new one. Gadgets were aplenty, which included a rear-facing double-barreled gun, a rear-facing flamethrower,(Of which neither were actually properly equipped, making it feel as if the budget department suddenly ran out of money) and an ejection seat with a parachute (which they did suddenly actually have the budget for). The chase, however, gets to a wet end when the DB10 goes “Plonk” into the Tiber river running through Rome. Of course, the chase is not perfect. There’s a bit too much jump cuts, the lightings a bit too faint, and the sounds a bit too artificial. But the worst of all is how on earth did a evil henchman obtain 1 of 5 Jaguar prototypes and stuff a V8 into it? I guess its just #badguythings…..


5/10 for editing (Bit too jumpy and too dark with artificial sounds)
10/10 for cars used (Absoutle Badassness. cmon.)
6.5/10 for stunts/action etc (Drifts and skids and driving down a staircase is fun and all, but wheres the rocket in Bumpers and machine guns in headlights?)

In all, Spectre receives a healthy 21.5/30. Not Bad, Not amazing, but definitely a good start for the list.

9. John Wick (2014): Final Climax

John Wick is the shit. No action movie will ever equal the amazing action scenes of John Wick. (Well the directors were literally stunt coordinators rather than a proper director.) And the hardcore craziness of the Revenge filled Keanu Reeves also filters into the car chases.
Everyone knows the famous Mustang Mach 1 from the movie which deserves all the credit for literally starting the franchise………oh and the dog.

But it’s the final climactic car chase that finishes the movie off with a proper bang. After killing the person who stole his car and killed his dog (RIP), John Wick must chase down his final opponent who wows revenge on John for killing his son. The cars aren’t very interesting: 2 2010 Chevy Suburbans try and fend off John in the most John Wick car possible: A blacked out 2012 Dodge Charger. It’s not an interesting car list sure, but it fits in so well with the theme of the movie and everything else is JUST SO GREAT. the editing is an absolute top dog. For example, The start when the Charger roars into the frame, and lightning and thunder boom over in the background? Now that’s great editing. Punk metal music? It just fits so well. The fact that the villain is going to die and just smiles and laughs, just shows how badass John Wick is. There’s no Jump cuts, just plain brutal force. The scene when he shots the guy through the roof? there’s nothing that can compare it. The Reverse Burnout was just a beauty to watch. Everything just fits in so well. And that’s why it’s an amazing scene. Anything to dislike? Well, it wasn’t a proper car chase, more like a car fight, and the scene did feel a bit too dark, but other than that, a solid car “chase”.

9/10 for editing (great editing, if a bit too dark)
4/10 for cars used (while the cars work for the movie, it is a little uninspiring.)
9/10 for stunts/action etc (even if you lose a point cause its not a true car chase, this action is just TOO GOOD. )

and for a total score of 22/30. Pretty Good!

8. Atomic Blonde (2018): Reverse car chase

Atomic Blonde is a BADASS and AMAZING movie. Not only is the action femina Charlize Theron’s Lorraine Broughton basically a female John Wick, but with the added bonus of girl on girl action midway through the movie. I see this as an absolute win! Overall, the plot of the movie is a bit convoluted and clustered with more twists and turns than a Twister game with 5 people. But what really makes this movie into a future cult classic, is the action. Most specifically, the car chases, and did I mention that the movie takes place in 1989 Germany, meaning that EVEY car in the movie is absolute RAD!? In all, there are 2 car chases in the movie, and both are quite short. The first consists of Lorraine killing everyone in an Audi V8 while being chased by James Mcavoy in a beautiful 964 911 Turbo, Before flipping the Audi over a concrete barrier. That must do well for V8 prices online…….

But that’s not the chase I’m talking about. The chase I’m talking about is late into the movie, where Lorraine’s escaping from both the police and henchman in what looks like a Lada Niva. What makes the scene so beautiful is the amazing single-shot sequence of it all. A simple Revolving action sequence in the car shows the absolute mayhem in all directions as they try to escape. It’s so beautifully well shot, and gives such an adrenaline rush, as you for once in your life, feel part of the action, without the brain tumor-inducing Jump cuts, everyone seems to love these days. My only gripe? WHY IS IT SOO SHORT, and because of that, the scene can feel a bit forgettable, a bit like a normal action scene instead of being something special, which car chases are all about.


10/10 for editing (this is so perfect, im honestly lost for words)
4/10 for cars used (ladas are cool, but if they used an Audi V8 and a 964 Turbo in THIS scene, then it would be a bit higher no doubt)
8.5/10 for stunts/action etc (Cmon, you have to agree with me here. Just shy of perfection cause there wasn’t ENOUGH of it)

all in all, its a nice 22.5/30.
Not bad! And its not the last of Charlize Theron on the list just yet………

7: Fast Five (2011): Bank Vault Heist.

Unpopular opinion: Fast Five was the best FaF in the franchise. The first 2 were badly overrated. Tokyo Drift was amazing for car enthusiast me. Fast and Furious (the 4th one) was badly underrated. Fast Five was my favorite for movie enthusiast me, while everything after Fast Five was quite crap. That’s my stance on the franchise.

Now onto Fast Five. Most people would say this was the moment that Fast and furious lost the plot, and to be honest, it’s not like the older ones really had a plot to really lose. Fast Five changed the action genre and introduced crazy stunts and the Rock into what at the time, felt like a dying franchise at the time (sure it went even more downhill from there, but hey, at least its making money).

But what really made the movie into the action extravaganza It’s known for today, was the final car chase at the end involving some of the most fun yet craziest stunts ever for a movie. The amazing thing is, while the newer movies used far too much CGI to even make the even more over-the-f*kin-top action scenes unenjoyable, Fast Five stuck with practical effects to make it fun for the whole family. The parts where the vault smashed through cars and even a goddamn bank, those weren’t CGI, they actually were destroying cars and smashing through Banks.
The purely blacked Dodge Chargers are really cool to look at, and of course, there has to be a shoutout to Hobbs’ Armet Gurkha. Who knew that Private Military could have style?

And quite suprisingly, the director managed to cut down on the jump cuts, and bad camera angles. The music is menacing and deep, and the shots of the Chargers doing wheelies, burnouts, and even 3-wheeling while hauling the arse off the bemouth of a Vault through Rio, makes for more fun than burning old school textbooks. Sure, there are quite a few FaF tropes such as the infinite gear shifts, NOS, Brian constantly shouting, and of course, Doms face. Still it doesn’t make the entire climatic car any less balls down amazing, and I doubt it may ever be repeated again, due to the age of modern CGI.

7/10 for editing ( nicely editing, but still a FaF movie)
6/10 for cars used (cars are good, but i feel there could have been some better choices. E60 M5 maybe?)
10/10 for stunts/action etc (Jesus Christ, these Stunts are mad.)
Overrall, its a solid 23/30.

6. Wheelman (2017): Too many to choose from

Wheelman’s an interesting movie. It isn’t a normal movie thats for sure. First, it was made by Netflix. Second, it takes place almost completely from inside a car. That car is a 2002 BMW E46 3 series. Yup, I’m in love.

Of course, an action thriller taking place completely from the inside of a car is going to have some car chases. And what an amazing car chase we get. There’s absolutely NO CGI from what I can tell, with every scene shot from either inside the car or from its side view. You don’t even see the car as a whole. It’s amazing and much of the movie is quite intense and gives a very Steve McQueen vibe.

Some scenes can feel a bit too closed and claustrophobic, but i think that was the point, the fact that literally just driving can turn anyone’s life upside down into absolute chaos.

The action scenes are nothing short of a modern throwback to the old car chases of the 60s and 70s, but it doesn’t feel like ancient and old. The car chases (of which there are plenty) are masterfully shot and feel modern and fresh in the age of Jump cutting car crashing madness (See the previous entrant). There’s skids, powerslides, and sparks flying everywhere. In all, it’s not just a solid car chase. Its a solid Movie. Go watch it now.
Oh and there’s a sexy All-white classic 1984 911 Carerra S.

8.5/10 for editing (interesting concept, that does work quite well )
7/10 for cars used (car list is great, even if we dont see the cars all that much.)
8.5/10 for stunts/action etc (great stunts. Very Enjoyable)
Overall, its a very good 24/30.

5. Mission Impossible Fallout (2018): Paris car chase.

Mission Impossible Fallout is an absolutely amazing movie. Not just crazy with its Nuclear-bomb-and-blow-up-part-of-earth plot or Henry Cavrils beard, but with its crazy stunts. And of course, as it’s a Tom Cruise film, OF COURSE, he’s gonna do all his stunts by himself. One of those stunts? No not the Roof chase in London, nor the Helicopter scene where he actually did hang off the side of a real flying heli (All mind-blowing scenes no doubt.) But we like cars, so let me turn your attention to the Car chase between a modern Triumph Tiger motorbike vs a RAD-as-1980s-pop-culture-references faded green 1986 E28 5 Series. Now a lot of articles say it’s an M5, but to me it doesn’t have the M// badging nor the aero spoiler or front bumper, so I would call it a 535i or maybe even a 528i (which IMCDB calls it a 528i, but I still have my doubts, as this has a dual exhaust, which 528is didn’t have.)

Chris Harris mode aside, the scene is a creamy, juicy smoothie mix of the Tangy Bourne, Sweet Ronin, Vanilla Bond car chase, and hardcore Vodka that is the French Connection and even Bullit. It’s just near perfection.

Its raw and hardcore, punching you straight into the action with raw action and simple yet jaw-dropping stunt driving. Hell, Jalopnik made an article about it.

Music is just raw. Well, that’s cause there really isn’t any. The only music is the howl of the N/A inline 6 in the BMW and the screeching of the Flat 4 Triumph motor in the Bike, mixed with some of the cleanest and simplest movie shots ever. The damn thing slides, and rockets around the tight streets of Paris, and it looks just SOO good. The part when it spins around mid-air down a flight of stairs in a single clean shot? Jesus Christ, I think I fainted in joy……….
Honestly, The entire chase truly was a joy and fun to watch, and truly cemented the comeback of car chases in modern action movies.
Thank you Tom Cruise. VERY cool.

8.5/10 for editing (solid editing, definitely one of the best on this list, quite easy on the eyes, and that inline 6 sound thou )
7.5/10 for cars used (E28 is Bae, but I personally would have wanted another car instead of a motorbike, but the Triumph is still cool.)
9.5/10 for stunts/action etc (beautiful stunts. Raw, Fast, and great fun. One of the best ever.)
Overrall, it’s a pretty well 25.5/30.


I’m gonna accept something here. I never actually watched Fury Road until I started writing the article. I only watched it just so I could see whether it lived up to the hype and whether or not it was worthy to be on this list.
Conclusion?: Oh, it’s worthy alright. IT’S MAD as hell. (bad pun ik).
I was hoping to single out a specific scene or chase in the movie, but the problem is there’s so many of them, that I just gave up and decided “You know what, just include the entire damn movie in here”.

Mad Max Fury Road is the 4th movie in the Mad Max franchise, and but it’s really just a reboot of the original. While the director (Geroge Miller) returns, everything else is a completely fresh start. Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson but what isn’t replaced is the infamous black Pursuit Special: a 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351, a limited edition hardtop in fact. Well of course, it has a massive V8 sticking out the front and well, it’s pretty badass.

However, the Ford isn’t the only cool thing, there are so many crazy car combos in this movie. A tanker made from a W123 Mercedes? You betcha. A Chevy Impala on top of a Bel Air? uhhh, for some reason yes. The crazy car props are seriously something to behold, and it doesn’t just end there. The stunts? Oh, they’re real baby. There is absolutely NO CGI. Everything is good old fashioned mayhem. Explosions? check. Charlize Theron? Yup. I told ya she’ll be back. Crashes? LOTS. Dude playing with a flaming Guitar? Weirdly, YES. Reasons like this are why The tanker chase honestly was a particularly amazing highlight of the film, and definitely a must-have entry into this list.

8/10 for editing (Just pure bliss, as all the action is right in front of you, and the camera colours are really nice as well and easy on the eye, as you see everything around you easily. )
8/10 for cars used (Weird car mashups are hugely fun to see, and hey, that falcon is just cool as hell.)
10/10 for stunts/action etc (beautiful stunts. Raw, Fast, and great fun. One of the best ever.)
Overall, its a very strong 26/30.

3. Drive(2011) : The Pawn Shop getaway

Drive is beautiful. Not just cause of Ryan Gosling (he is absolutely beautiful though). It’s beautiful just cause it does everything right about movies. It’s a clean-cut and refreshing take on the driving genre in an era of Fast and Furious, and basically any action movie with the Rock in it, which again is basically fast and furious……..


Drive released in 2011 as a small film, made on a much smaller budget compared to any of the other movies on this list. But what it lacks in visuals, it makes up in cleverness and wit, OH AND THIS MOVIE HAS IT.

Before I get to the main chase scene, let me introduce you to one of the most CLEVER car chases of all time. It’s not some drifting Ferrari or a big SUV smashing through buildings. Oh no. It’s a basic silver Chevrolet Impala (to be fair, it does have about 300+bhp ), driven by Ryan Gosling, and it’s great to watch. He doesn’t fly across LA at 100+ mph, he cruises by the night traffic, trying to blend in with the monotone silver and grey cars and dodging from Police lights from a chopper. When the chopper does spot him, he floors it, and there’s a great realistic V8 rumble, and the car flys across the long bridge before hiding itself among the tall buildings, and stopping and crawling and constant acceleration and braking trying to hide from incoming police cars. It makes for some of the most intense and suspenseful car chases despite the car never actually traveling more than 100mph.

But that’s not the main reason why this movie makes the list. It’s the game-changing moment in the film, during the (SPOILERS) double-cross pawn shop heist. While the first chase was a more intense and clever wits scene, this is way more intense but in a more holy-shit way. Ryan Gosling and the last surviving member of the heist are pursued by a massive silver 300C V8 while driving a then-brand-new Mustang GT, also with a thundering V8, all while thundering along the mountain roads near LA. It’s a fast paced scene but it’s so well thought out. The scenes are so realistic, every tyre squeal, every drift is amazing to watch, as it’s not exactly perfect, making it even more intense, as the Mustang smashes Door-to-Door with the much bigger brute of a 300C. The way both cars rush past the oncoming traffic, and the way they squeeze through cars is just perfect. The 300C even drives across the dirt after a hard shunt and its beautiful to see the massive sedan fishtail, and fly back onto the road. The best scene of all? When the GT performs a high-speed reverse 180 before seamlessly drifting around a corner in one clean cut, While managing to make it look cool and simple, No shit CGI or jump cuts. The final stamp that sends this scene to No.3 is the final scene where the 300C spins and flips across the road, before coming to a rest, in a smoking heap, really proved that these people really can make an amazing car chase. It all feels like a perfect car chase from the 1960s remade in the 2010s. Big brute Americanas with V8s, LA back roads, and nothing but the sound of V8s and simple but exhilarating cars fighting it out in the most intense climatic way possible. A reason why it’s an amazing No.3.

9.5/10 for editing (Simple, clean shots of the cars flying across the road, and not much else is needed )
8/10 for cars used (Mustang GT and a 300C? It’s a 60s remaster alright!)
9.5/10 for stunts/action etc (No wacky stuff, and I don’t see that as a bad thing. my only gripe is the scene can be said to be a bit on the short side)
Overall, its a very good 27/30.

2. Baby Driver (2017): Subaru Bank heist.

Baby Driver is probably my favorite movie of all time. It’s everything I have ever wanted from a movie, in the crispest, most entertaining form possible. It has Edgar Wright, one of my favorite directors of all time, Kevin Spacy (Uhh, well It did come out before well, you know), A killer soundtrack, gob-smacking stunts, and best of all, one of the best cars chases ever made.

That car chase specifically is the very first act of the movie, just before, the movie actually starts, and yet it manages to take us from being a complete stranger to “Baby”(Ansel Elgort), to knowing him like a best friend. The way he dances to the music, his carefree attitude is something we could all do within this day and age. Then the actual chase, and oh my god, is it amazing, from the very second all the robbers get into the car, and “Buddy” points the car to go forwards, Baby just does the opposite and slams the car into reverse, and pulls a reverse 180, and initiates a proper full drift in what’s probably the coolest getaway car of all time: A red 2006 “Hawkeye” Impreza WRX.
You may think “hang on, that reverse 180s really similar to the Mustang GT scene from Drive”. Well, you’d be right. That causes the movie-stunt coordinator was no other than Jeremy Fry, who actually stunt coordinated Drive as well! Coincidence? No, not really. He apparently wanted to do the stunt again, as apparently, the Drive scene was too overlooked. Hey, I’m not complaining.

The scene just simply oozes fun and character. It doesn’t take itself too seriously (I mean cmon, who’s really gonna use a bright red WRX in a car chase). The stunts are hugely witty and engaging to watch. There isn’t any unnecessary shunts or smashes, as Baby uses his head, instead of balls (that is used as well) to escape. The scene when he drifts and makes the spike strip fly onto the oncoming cop car? Magnificent!. The scene when he pulls that beautiful 180 U-Turn drift around a bend? I think gonna start moaning. The beautiful reverse flick in the alleyway? I think I just wet my pants.

But the best of all? The soundtrack. John Spencers’ “Bellbottoms” works absolutely perfectly with the entire scene, and makes for a case where instead of a song being made for the scene, the entire scene is made based on the song. Every beat works beautifully with each single gear change, handbrake turn, wiper blade, even every camera cut, the rhythm of the song works so seamlessly, it’s just an artistic marvel!
And through all of this, not even a single word is spoken by any of the characters, as not to ruin the beat of the music and beauty of the scenes soundtrack

Any criticisms? Uhhhh, not really. I mean, the scene where Baby switches places with 2 other red cars on the highway seems pretty improbable in real life.
In all, the most fun, interesting and definitely coolest scene from one of the coolest movies made in the past 20 years.

10/10 for editing (everything here is just pure bliss)
8/10 for cars used (Subie gets points, and it is an interesting choice for sure)
10/10 for stunts/action etc (No wacky stuff, just simple clean stunts, that are quite unique, and perfectly choreographed, and far too enjoyable to stop rewatching again and again. )
Overall, it’s an unsurprisingly high 28/30.

Some Honerable Mentions that didn't quite make the cut

Black Panther (2018): South Korea car chase

Why it’s great: It’s easily a fun car chase to watch, and its crisp and fast-paced with lots of action

Why it didn’t make it: Feels more like an action scene rather than a car chase, as the cars really weren’t the main focus of the chase, which is the No.1 rule of car chases. Kinda the same point with any MCU car chase.

Need For Speed (2014) : Final DeLeon Race

Why it’s great: So many amazing exotics in one of the fastest race scenes ever!

Why it didn’t make it: Well I kinda forgot about it until midway through my list, and even after watching it again to decide if I should put it somewhere in the list, well……. It is actually kinda forgettable.

Jason Bourne (2016): Vegas mayhem

Why it’s great: absolute mayhem, which triggers the inner 8 year old me in joy. (And the inner BeamNG.Drive me as well)

Why it didn’t make it: It actually was supposed to make it, maybe even higher than atomic blonde, but the jump cuts and shaky cams are so bad, the scene is just a confusing mess, and the longer I kept watching it, the more painful my headache became.

Live By Night (2016)

Why it’s great: great direction, great scene, and quite brooding and intense, even with cars from the 1930s that have less power than a VW UP!

Why it didn’t make it: uhhhh, I dunno really. It just didn’t capture my spirit when I watched it.

YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR! please upvote. I have a family of 1 to feed.

1. Jack Reacher (2012) : The one with the Chevelle and Audi S6, and half of Pittsburgh PD.

If anyone was to make a list of the best movie car chases this decade, Baby Driver would probably come out at first for many people. But you see, I bet they’ve probably forgotten about Jack Reacher, or they never watched it, or they did, but fell asleep halfway through, as oh my god, was the first 45 mins dull as hell. I love the Jack Reacher Books and well, they don’t translate well onto the main screen.

But that doesn’t matter, as The entire car chase makes up for the dullness of before, as it is just cinematic gold. From the very second the entire scene starts, to the very end, it’s just an intense badass scene that only makes it more badass with the use of a 1970 Chevelle SS with the most badass Red and black paint job. The scene starts with Jack Reacher driving to his motel only to find the woman he had met earlier is murdered, and after noticing a conspicuous silver Audi S6 realizes he was framed. The main Detective in the investigation walks out onto the motel’s entrance, only to find Jack sitting in the idling Chevelle. Silence. The chase starts right away but hasn’t actually started at the same time. It’s a cowboy faceoff. Detective Emerson slowly reaches for his gun in his pocket, while Jack reaches for the white cue ball gear lever of the Chevy. The scene is intense. And then BANG, Jack slams the car into reverse and fishtails out of there, and everything else that happens is cinematic GOLD.

While most car chases are either 1 on 1, Jacks chasing the Audi and is getting chased by the cops, so basically it’s a 2v1. There isn’t any actual musical soundtrack, and that’s no bad thing. Just the loud sonorous V8 growl along with the high pitch squeal of tires and even the high pitch wail of the S6’ V10 is just amazing. Reacher’s driving style reflects the character, it’s somehow both classy, mad, fast and reckless all at the same time.

Everything in this scene is spot-on perfect. It’s fast-paced and quite brutal. The scene proves that cars aren’t unstoppable machines, that can drive perfectly with the flick of a wheel (A common mistake lots of movies make. even on this list). These cars move like cars. They handle like cars. You see the sharp turns and feel the sudden stops and hear the V8 engine scream. The oversteer drifts and 1st gear burnouts are all positively real. Tom Cruises’ face when he hits a cop car or aggressively changes gear is all real. Well, that’s cause he actually drove and did every single stunt. The guy is truly mad. Even Steve McQueen didn’t do every single driving shot in Bullit.
The shunts and hits between the Chevelle and the S6 are all real and brutal. And did anyone get any Ronin vibes when Jack drove the Chevelle in the opposite direction of traffic through the tunnel? Jack keeps hitting cars and losing control every time, something that would totally happen irl and also helps bring a sense of realism to the driving. Then there’s the bit where Jack flys out of the tunnel sideways and smashes into a fire hydrant and then a wall, thus stalling the car. That wasn’t even scripted for crying out loud. The car actually smashed into a wall and stalled! Tom Cruises’ reactions were all real, as he desperately tries to start the car again, and just makes it away before the cops get to him. It’s just amazing to watch, and I doubt something like that would happen again in the 100% accurate stunt scenes we get in the modern age. After that, the part when he drives through the back alleyway trying to find the S6, only to get T-bone smashed by the big heavy Audi is just tense and hard to watch as the poor Chevelle gets battered to pieces. (If it makes you feel any better, Old beater Chevelles were used, and they weren’t even SSs)

The camera work is just a work of art. The way it pans from an outside view from the front of the car to Tom Cruises face in a single slow shot all while the car is jumping through the back streets of Pittsburgh, is just a cinematic marvel. It’s the simple (okay not that simple) things like this, that help make this chase just that bit higher than the others on this list. The sudden appearance of the cops changes the entire direction of the chase as Jack turns from the Hunter to the Hunted, and The driving style shows. The style goes from frantic speed to panicked speed. However, being Jack Reacher, he knows how to hide. In probably one of the best chase endings of all time, he temporarily evades the cops, and turns into a bigger street, switches off the car, and gets out while the car is still rolling at a slow speed (In the coolest way possible) and waits at a crowded bus stop, and looks at the cops surround the now empty but still crawling car. No one wants to rat him out, and a man even gives him a cap to hide from the cops. It’s a symbol of freedom, and a bit of a f**k you to the authorities. The chase ends as Reacher gets on the bus and safely away from the cops.

Everything in this chase is perfect. I can’t fault anything. If anything was to be a homage to classic car chases of the 1960s and 70s. It’s this chase. No car chase in this decade beats it for its intense, fast-paced, high adrenaline rush you get from this chase, which is what you should be expecting from a car chase, and that’s what made the most well-known car chases famous even after 30-40 years after they came out. So in my opinion, Jack Reachers chase is of the 2010s, like how Ronin was of the 1990s, Bourne Identity was to the 2000s, and how Bullit was to the 1960s.

It truly is a cinematic masterpiece. And that is why it’s at No.1.

10/10 for editing (It harks back to the chases of the old, and that’s just perfect)
9.5/10 for cars used (A pure pornographic Chevelle SS and a V10 Audi S6? What more would you want?)
10/10 for stunts/action etc (Just hardcore, fast-paced action. No guns, no Rockets, just pure scary mental driving. Fast-paced enough so it isn’t dull, but not too fast-paced that you burn your brain trying to understand it. Just car chase bliss. )
Overall, it’s a score destroying 29.5/30.

That sums it up!
I literally spent over a month trying to write this blog, but due to Uni and real-life things, I just couldn’t be bothered at times. I really have wasted so much time and fingers on this post, and I really wish you would upvote this post, as it makes me feel better for writing this.

Oh and Hopefully I’ll have more decade recaps by the end of this decade lol.

What was your favorite car chase of this decade? No Fast and Furious 6,7,8 don’t count. Nor does Transformers.



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wasn’t that Taxi 1 with the 500Es and the 406?

10/23/2019 - 09:19 |
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Excellent list.

10/23/2019 - 09:48 |
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Excellent comment.

10/23/2019 - 14:50 |
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My Name is Joel

So glad to still see people doing awesome posts on this site. I miss the days where there was always quality content. Your number 3 was actually the subject of my last blog post a few months back.

10/23/2019 - 23:47 |
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and its great to still see such awesome comments like these! :)

And oh my is Drive a beautiful movie

10/25/2019 - 11:07 |
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