Alex Kersten 4 years ago 0

If The Next Mazda RX-7 Looks Anything Like This, Then Sign Us Up

This rendering of the next RX-7 has got us a little bit excited!

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Mazda RX-7 This rendering of the all-new Mazda RX-7 has appeared in a Japanese motoring magazine; if the real car looks anything like this image, then I'm sure you'll join us in asking "where do we sign?" According to the article, the next RX-7 will be an 'ultra lightweight vehicle, direct injected 16X based RE with Hydrogen capability.' It is also a car that is said to possess 'razor sharp handling,' according to the article. While hydrogen tech remains unlikely - this is a car that's rumoured to go on sale in 2017 - what we do know of the next RX-7 is that it will be powered by a Wankel engine (perhaps with turbocharging further down the line). It will also feature only two doors and two seats, unlike the RX-8 model of late. Anyone else think this looks a little bit cool? shut up