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If The Next Mazda RX-7 Looks Anything Like This, Then Sign Us Up

This rendering of the next RX-7 has got us a little bit excited!

Mazda RX-7 This rendering of the all-new Mazda RX-7 has appeared in a Japanese motoring magazine; if the real car looks anything like this image, then I'm sure you'll join us in asking "where do we sign?" According to the article, the next RX-7 will be an 'ultra lightweight vehicle, direct injected 16X based RE with Hydrogen capability.' It is also a car that is said to possess 'razor sharp handling,' according to the article. While hydrogen tech remains unlikely - this is a car that's rumoured to go on sale in 2017 - what we do know of the next RX-7 is that it will be powered by a Wankel engine (perhaps with turbocharging further down the line). It will also feature only two doors and two seats, unlike the RX-8 model of late. Anyone else think this looks a little bit cool? shut up


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    November 30th 2013

    November 30th 2013 - News

    I remember waking up to one tragic phone call. 4 of the boys I grew up with died in a car crash as they flipped their car at the age of 17-18. To all the people out there if you wanna drive fast, go to a race track. On the roads pay attention, be careful and wear your seatbelts. God bless Luc Arsenault, Justin Brown, Justin Leger and Sebastien Leger. They will stay in my heart forever

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