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Here's The Shocking Aftermath Of A Ruf Turbo R And Porsche 997 Smashing Into A Pickup

This Saturday group drive ended in disaster when the most valuable car present was totalled

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The sight of this wrecked car is a rather depressing one, because it’s no ordinary Porsche that’s been ruined, it’s a Ruf. To create its cars, the aforementioned German company takes a fresh chassis from the Porsche factory, stuffs in a modified engine, and festoons the whole thing with its own bespoke parts.

In the case of the Turbo R you see here, it’s the 993 chassis that’s used, with a 500bhp twin-turbo engine providing the thrust. It’s a rare and exceptionally valuable motor - in fact, it was the priciest car at the group drive last Saturday at which it suffered this fate. We’re unsure of the details surrounding the crash (which also involved a 997-generation 911) but the occupants of all cars apparently emerged unscathed.