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Here's How You Have A Huge Crash Without Losing The Lead

Toby Price had a sizeable crash during last weekend's Stadium Super Trucks round, but styled it out to keep the lead

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If you find all the talk of tyre degradation, strategy and power management in Formula 1 a little tedious, there is a motorsport series out there that provides an effective antidote. It’s called Stadium Super Trucks, and we’ve waxed lyrical about it many times before. If you haven’t seen it before, this should hopefully place it firmly on your radar.

During Race 1 of last weekend’s Gold Coast 600 round, we were treated to one of the most Stadium Super Trucks things to have ever happened. Toby Price had an awkward landing after tackling one of the championship’s trademark jumps, spinning heavily into the barrier. He styled it out with a neat 360, holding the lead of the race despite crashing with only a small gap to the rest of the pack.

Here's How You Have A Huge Crash Without Losing The Lead - Motorsport

He wasn’t able to stay out in front for the rest of the race, however, eventually finishing sixth. Robby Gordon took the chequered flag, ahead of Matt Brabham (yes, of that Brabham family) and Gavin Harlien.