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Here's How To Convert A Car To Run On Firewood... Sort Of

You never know when the apocalypse might hit, so why not spend a bit of time right now learning how to get around when the fuel supplies run out?

Remind me later
Videos: YouTube/Garage 54 ENG

When it comes to running cars on alternative, cheaper fuels, you’ve maybe seen a few ideas already. Recently our own Alex attempted to run Miles the high-mileage Skoda Octavia on used vegetable oil. And it worked.

But what about running a car on firewood? Okay, so it’s not as straightforward as straining it about a million times and pouring it into the tank, but it’s possible on the right car, i.e. a Lada. Enter the Russian maestros of weird modifications at YouTube channel Garage 54.

Part Two

In a two-part video, the guy who brought you tyres made of coil springs and filled another unwanted Lada with five tonnes of concrete has converted the latest donor car to run on burning firewood.

By manufacturing a furnace out of an old gas bottle, the team initially tests it with charcoal and confirms that the system can produce flammable gases. It’s fascinating post-apocalyptic stuff. When it’s finally hooked up to the Lada… well, it doesn’t exactly work as planned.