This Stunning Restomod E-Type Is Finally The Car It Was Meant To Be

After a huge amount of work by a specialist, this once-shunned but now modified and tuned Jaguar E-Type Series 3 has been turned into something special at last
This Stunning Restomod E-Type Is Finally The Car It Was Meant To Be

This formerly unpopular late-model Jaguar E-Type has been restored and modified into something we really love… and all it took was a restoration lasting 3000 man-hours.

The beautiful left-hand drive 1974 car here has been customised by specialist firm E-Type UK, to completely bespoke specs set out by its owner. The more spacious but less pretty Series 3 has been lowered on rebound-adjustable suspension, placed on bespoke wheels and fitted with modern seats and air conditioning.

This Stunning Restomod E-Type Is Finally The Car It Was Meant To Be

The Series 3 was something of a leper even as soon as it was launched, having ditched the svelte, tight body of the Series 1 and even the less handsome Series 2. It was longer (some 10 inches were dropped into the wheelbase), wider, over 270kg heavier and it generally pooped on the reputation of its forebears. Except, that is, for its engine: Jaguar had given it a new V12.

What was once a 5.3-litre unit, universally praised as the only exciting thing about the Series 3 at the time it was launched, has been enlarged to 6.1 litres during a full strip-down and re-build. A one-off downdraft fuel injection system was created for this car with appropriate throttle bodies, a modern ECU and a reliable wiring loom.

Warning: NSFW
Warning: NSFW

Power sits at 284bhp at the rear wheels, which isn’t all that much from a big V12 but it’s a modest boost from the as-new figure and is almost certainly perfect for the car. We bet it sounds absolutely epic, too. Power is sent to the rear through a new, stronger five-speed manual gearbox.

The body has been strengthened, the cooling solutions have been improved and a sportier steering rack was fitted for a meatier feel through corners. Four-piston AP Racing brakes at the front help haul the rejuvenated Jaguar up. All in all, it should drive fantastically.

This Stunning Restomod E-Type Is Finally The Car It Was Meant To Be

Inside, the interior is all new with lower seats created from heated XJS items. Out of sight there’s modern sound-deadening material and wiring for the LED ambient lighting, Bluetooth-compatible stereo and LED exterior lights. A glowing red ‘start’ button is another new touch (obviously).

The owner, who evidently lives in Continental Europe, has even had the speedometer converted to a kph readout. It’s now his perfect E-Type, and between the purchase price and the modifications, it was probably still cheaper than buying a mint Series 1. Also most likely a lot cheaper than an Eagle Speedster…


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I love this, classic chassis mixed with modern suspension and other components

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