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Here's A Man Driving An ATV Into A Swimming Pool While Holding A Beer, For Some Reason

This 1000cc Can-Am ATV is shown to be very capable, using a particularly unconventional trial...

Remind me later

You know the saying “hold my beer, I got this”? Well, here’s a man who’s got this with beer still very much in hand.

Seriously, someone even offers to hold this guy’s drink, before he proceeds to drive his Can-Am XMR 1000 (a massive ATV with a 1000cc engine) into his own swimming pool. He’s even able to get it out again, although at that point he does finally relinquish his alcoholic beverage.

At this point we feel compelled to point out that operating heavy machinery while drinking - not to mention dumping said machinery into a swimming pool - isn’t something that should be replicated. But hopefully you already know that…