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Hatchback Owners Close Their Boots 'Wrong' And It Drives Me Mad

I want to tell the world how to close hatchback boots properly, and I don't care how pedantic that sounds...

Remind me later
Hatchback Owners Close Their Boots 'Wrong' And It Drives Me Mad - Blog

As someone who’s deeply pedantic, I’m easily annoyed by many things that people do wrong. And when it comes to cars, one of my most significant annoyances stems from how people close their boot. Or ‘trunk’, if you’re of a more ‘Murican persuasion.

Specifically, I’m talking about hatchback-style tailgates. Everyone I’ve ever seen, and most people I’ve asked in the CT office - many of whom were happy to answer after saying things like “what a preposterously boring question” - simply push down on the outside of the boot until it’s closed. Which would be fine, if there wasn’t a better way that the entire world seems to - infuriatingly - be ignoring.

Pop the boot of your average hatchback, and you should be presented with one or more grab handles. All you have to do is hook your hand inside, pull the boot down and then let go - the weight of the boot will do the rest.

Hatchback Owners Close Their Boots 'Wrong' And It Drives Me Mad - Blog

Et voila - you’ve now closed your boot without getting your smudgy fingerprints all over the bodywork. Even better, you’ve not made the layer of dust/muck on the outside of your car look more obvious, nor have you got a load of dirt on your fingers.

Admittedly, some are a little ergonomically challenged, and there are tailgates (the one on ‘our’ Hyundai i30 N springs to mind) that need such a slam to shut, that pawing the outside is unavoidable. But still, the boot grab handle is a simple and effective piece of design, yet it goes unloved.

Do people not know what they’re for? Are most folk just too lazy to bother using them? Am I a sad man who should worry about more important things? Wait, don’t answer that…