Darren Cassey 7 years ago 0

Gold Chrome-Wrapped BMW X6: Hot Or Not?

This BMW X6 was spotted on the streets of London - is it hideous or a bold work of art?

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yOyrT0e This BMW X6 in London has been treated to a unique gold chrome wrap. Redditor LJIGaming spotted it while on the bus yesterday, and posted it for the world to see. ILikeGooooold Amidst the general mockery in the Reddit thread, another user found the exact car on Wrapping Cars London, which is where we got these glorious pictures from. BMW-X6-Gold-Chrome Our first thought when we saw this X6 was that it was far from pretty, but the more we look at it, the less we hate it - it takes balls to do something so bold with an already ugly car. But what do you think? Is this gold chrome-wrapped BMW X6 hot or not?