Alex Kersten 5 years ago 0

Epic Freerunning Stunt Video With Driverless Caddy Coupe de Ville

We love a spot of 'ghost riding'. But have you ever seen anything as awesome as this?

Remind me later
We've already seen the latest craze of 'Carkour,' but if jumping through stranger's car windows aren't to your liking, then a brilliantly fun parkour/freerunning video involving some Caddy goodness certainly will be. This fearless trio of experts take ghost riding to new levels, performing mad jumps, bad-ass break dance moves and flippin' awesome flips off the back of a third-gen Cadillac Coupe de Ville from the late 1960s. Underneath the bonnet of the barbarically long barge nestles a 7.7-litre V8 unit, giving the 2.2-tonne Coupe a top speed of not very much. In fact, we're pretty certain this things going flat-out if you fast-forward to 3:25 min.
Hat tip to Faz!