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Dyno Run Suggests The BMW M5 Could Really Be Pushing 690bhp

A dyno run carried out on a freshly run-in F90 M5 suggests that it could be putting out as much horsepower at the flywheel as a Ferrari 488!

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Video: YouTube/IND Distribution

Hold onto your hats, people, because the F90 BMW M5 seems to be making way, way more power than advertised.

BMW will tell you it’s good for 592bhp and 553lb ft at the crank, which is a lot. But YouTube channel IND Distribution has just put its own – standard – car on a dyno and reached figures of 625bhp and 608lb ft… at the wheels. In four-wheel drive.

BMW - Dyno Run Suggests The BMW M5 Could Really Be Pushing 690bhp - News

If those numbers really are correct for this just-run-in F90 M5, allowing for a guesstimate drivetrain loss of 10 per cent, it would mean BMW is underestimating the M5’s figures by about 100bhp and well over 100lb ft. It would make it about as powerful as a Ferrari 488…

At 1855kg the M5 is a fair bit heavier than the 1544kg 488 GTB, but even with a 311kg deficit we have to admit we’re sceptical that the M5 can really be putting out quite that much of the good stuff…