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Drunk Russian Steals An Armoured Car, Crashes It Into A Corner Shop

Well, this is pretty much what you're going to get when you leave an armoured personnel carrier lying around where there are drunk Russians…

Remind me later

In the UK, when we have a bit too much to drink we tend to fall off kerbs, walk into things and try not to throw up in taxis. In Russia, things are a bit different.

A drunk man in his late 20s reportedly stole an armoured personnel carrier from a motorsport training facility, drove it through a forest to the small town of Apatity near the Finnish border and accidentally smashed it through the frontage of a local convenience store while trying to make a three-point turn.

Drunk Russian Steals An Armoured Car, Crashes It Into A Corner Shop - Fails

He then climbed out, into the store and stole a bottle of wine. We suppose that once you’re in that deep, it doesn’t really matter anymore. We don’t know whether to laugh (hard) or slam the man for antics that could have killed someone.

According to reports, the locals in the 60,000-person town didn’t seem all that surprised. The police arrived pretty quickly and arrested the wayward chap without any further fuss, but not before he managed to crush a Daewoo. Ah well. At least that’s something positive.

Source: Reuters via CarScoops