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Don't Expect To See Toyota's New 'Supra' Sports Car In Detroit

Toyota North America's boss has confirmed that its all-new sports car won't be ready for a Detroit debut

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Don't Expect To See Toyota's New 'Supra' Sports Car In Detroit - News

At one point, the expectation was that we’d see Toyota’s all-new sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show. When the reveal failed to happen, speculation turned to the LA Auto Show, where the car didn’t appear either. So it’ll say its big hello to the world at the Detroit show in January, right? Nope, sorry.

Speaking to Motor Trend, Toyota North America division boss Jack Hollis said that specifications for the car are still being finalised, so a Detroit debut is out. Echoing comments he made to Auto Guide recently, Hollis also said that a name hasn’t been pinned down yet.

The assumption thus far has been that Toyota would resurrect the Supra badge, but Hollis states that “there are other names that could be better.” We’ll let you speculate on that one in the comments.

What we do know is that the car is being developed in partnership with BMW, as part of a joint venture that’ll also spawn the next Z4 - previewed by a concept revealed earlier this year. With the sports car market much smaller than it once was, spreading the development costs between two firms makes perfect sense, but the ‘Supra’ and Z4 should be very different from one another.

As for when we’ll see Toyota’s side of the project, we’re now thinking the Geneva Motor Show next March.