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Distracted Driver Smashes Into Parked Car And Flips Over

We don't know what the distraction was, but something stopped this Golf driver seeing the very obvious stationary Rover in his way. This is prime facepalm territory, people

Remind me later

How stupid do you have to be to drive straight into a parked car on a wide, quiet, suburban road under blue skies? You’d think the answer would be ‘very’, and you’re probably right.

But the driver of this Volkswagen Golf doesn’t want to let common sense or statistical unlikelihoods get in the way of a good dash-cam video, smashing straight into the back of what looks like an old Rover 45 before teetering comically over onto its roof.

Fortunately it looks like no one was in the Rover, and the surprisingly low speed of the crash means the Golf driver is more than likely fine, too - if a little shocked…

The sun is straight ahead, but that’s no reason not to have seen the parked Rover. We can only assume the berk behind the wheel was distracted; either fiddling with their stereo, reaching into the glove box or, most likely, using their mobile phone.

Distracted Driver Smashes Into Parked Car And Flips Over - News

It’s worth a mention that, as of March 1 this year, the penalty in England, Scotland and Wales for using your mobile illegally while driving doubles, rising to six points on your licence and a £200 fine. Even for a first offence.

And if you get six points in the first two years after passing your test, that’s an automatic ban. Think about it: that’s for using your phone once. Is it really worth it?

Keep your phones in your pockets while you’re driving, CTzens!