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Chinese Stunt Driver Breaks Loop-the-Loop Record

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Doing a loop-the-loop. Standard procedure for 10-year-olds armed Scalextrics or Hot Wheels, but otherwise probably fairly difficult to achieve. Not many people have attempted doing the stunt in real life. In fact the last known world record for the highest loop-the-loop was set at 40ft by Steve Truglia on Fifth Gear in a Toyota Aygo back in 2009. Last week, the record was smashed by Chinese stunt driver Li Yatao in something called a Youngman Lotus L5. The standard version of one of those things couldn't just attempt the loop straight away, obviously. It had the front and rear bumpers taken off to improve ground clearance and the cabin was fitted with a roll cage that was strong enough to withstand the car plummeting to the ground if the trick happened to fail. So what speed did he have to go to prevent that from happening? Well, using GCSE level physics, he would have had to drive at precisely 50mph around the 42.2ft loop. If he went faster he would risk damaging the ramp but if he went too slow the car would fall 42.2ft to the ground. Did he make it? Watch the video below and see for yourself. Courtesy of Guinness World Records