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Can A Grand Cherokee SRT Beat A Challenger Hellcat In A Drag Race?

With four-wheel drive traction off the line, does the less powerful Grand Cherokee SRT stand a chance against a Challenger Hellcat?

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While we’d very much like to see a Challenger Hellcat take on the monstrous new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (and that’ll surely happen as soon as the first press cars arrive), we get the feeling it’d be a bit of a walkover. What we have here on the other hand has the potential to be a little closer.

While the Jeep is much slower and less powerful than the Hellcat on paper, the Dodge is notoriously difficult to launch cleanly owing to its 697bhp being channelled through relatively modest 275-width rear tyres. The track used by The Fast Lane Car isn’t exactly long, either, further helping the Jeep.

So, does the four-wheel drive car stand a chance? Time to find out…