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Behold: The TOM'S Toyota GR Yaris Bodykit

Legendary Japanese motorsport and tuning company TOM'S has turned its attention to Toyota's pint-sized all-wheel drive hot hatch

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Tuning options for the Toyota GR Yaris are coming thick and fast. Litchfield and other outfits have already tuned the hot hatch‘s feisty 1.6-litre inline-three beyond 300bhp, and plenty of suspension upgrades are in the works. On the bodywork front, we’ve had the mad Pandem widebody kit cladding 2JZ-swapped GR Yari from Cusco and Daigo Saito and some ‘GR Parts’ from Toyota itself.

This new body kit from TOM’S slots neatly between. It’s not as outlandish as Pandem’s, nor is it as subtle as the GR Parts. We dig it.

The last time we reported on some TOM’S activity, it involved fettled versions of the GR Supra and the Century luxury car revealed for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. The event isn’t happening this year due of Covid-19, but that hasn’t stopped the motorsport and tuning firm showing off this GR Yaris, which would have been on its 2021 Auto Salon stand.

Toyota - Behold: The TOM'S Toyota GR Yaris Bodykit - Tuning

The car was revealed at the weekend via a ‘TOM’S Salon’ live stream with Toyota factory WRC driver Takamoto Katsuta presenting the tweaks. The car retains the standard bumpers, but with the front sprouting a new splitter and canards, while the rear gains what looks like massive brake ducts plus a prominent diffuser.

Poking out of the middle of that aero piece is a single, large TOM’S tailpipe which replaces the slightly weedy-looking standard twin-exit design. The finishing touch at the back is a lofty rear wing, while at the sides there are skirt extensions with neat winglets.

It’s quite clearly had a sizeable drop, eliminating the huge stock arch gaps. At each corner, there are Rays G025 alloy wheels, under which live bigger brakes from Endless. Inside, TOM’S has added some carbon fibre trim and Recaro bucket seats.

This isn’t quite the car’s final form, with Katsuta-san noting that there will be some “small changes.”