Toyota Will Help Spruce Up Your GR Yaris With 'GR Parts'

Toyota has revealed a range of aesthetic modifications for the GR Yaris under the 'GR Parts' brand
Toyota Will Help Spruce Up Your GR Yaris With 'GR Parts'

The newly revealed Rocket Bunny Pandem body kit cladding Daigo Saito’s Toyota GR Yaris is suitably attention-grabbing, but what if you want some aesthetic mods for the car that aren’t quite so over-the-top? The answer comes from Toyota itself.

The Japanese company has a long history of doing this, often under the ‘TRD’ banner, but the tweaks for the GR Yaris are branded as ‘GR Parts’. They’ll all of the aesthetic variety, making subtle but noticeable improvements to the small and mighty hot hatch.

Toyota Will Help Spruce Up Your GR Yaris With 'GR Parts'

Of main interest is the aero parts set, which consists of a front splitter, side skirts, a boot spoiler and a new rear diffuser with quad tailpipes. They’re all (exhaust aside, obvs) made from resin, and available separately if you’d rather not bundle them all together.

These can be teamed up with stripes that run down either side of the car, door handle protectors with a carbon fibre look, and a CFRP number plate. For the interior, it’s possible to spec some not-carbon-fibre along the middle of the dashboard and around the electric window switches.

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Prices range from 3300 yen (£24) for the door handle protectors, rising to 352,000 (around £2500) for the aero kit. The parts are available from GR Stores, which are only found in Japan and Malaysia.

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There are no mechanical modifications, but unless you’re a power-crazed drift legend like Saito, you’ll probably be wanting to leave the GR Yaris alone. Its 1.6-litre inline-three turbo engine dishes out 257bhp and 266lb ft of torque to all four wheels via a lightweight all-wheel drive system capable of giving an entertaining 30:70 split between the axles.

Sadly, with Toyota opting to run a development of its current competition Yaris in the WRC next year rather than the GR Yaris, the road car has lost the honour of being a homologation special. But does this reduce the want-levels any further? We’d have to say no. Particularly if you can now add some (mostly) pretty parts to it.



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