Alex Hamilton 5 years ago 0

Ballsy 12-Year-Old Kid Lets This Stupid Cop Off With A Telling Off

Lazy cop gets pwned by a kid and there's nothing he can do about it...

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Kid calls out on illegally parked policeman 'Respect my authority, boy!'

Good cops deserve respect. Lazy cops like this one, however, deserve everything they get. Parking on the sidewalk is never cool. Especially if you've done so to be just that bit closer to a cafe for you to buy a refreshing beverage. Guess what, that's exactly what this stupid cop did and this 12 year old kid isn't happy about it... Watch as this kid asks the cop politely for his badge number, while also asking if the motivation for the cop's crap parking was emergency related. Clearly stunned by the kid's questioning, the cop makes off without acknowledging the boy's legal requests, making himself look like a first-class idiot. Well played, kid! Video