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Are Chunky Mud Tyres Tyres Any Good In The Snow?

Tyre Reviews is back with another highly insightful video, pitting chunky mud tyres against all-terrains, all-seasons and winters

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With their chunky tread patterns, you might think that mud tyres would work pretty well in the snow. But is that really the case? Bastion of YouTube rubber nerdery Tyre Reviews decided to find out, and thoroughly, with no less than five different hoops on test. All of them are under General’s ‘Grabber’ brand.

In the mud-terrain corner, we have the X3, pitted against the Arctic winter tyre and the HTS60 all-season. As a halfway house, there are two all-terrain tyres in the mix - the aggressive A/T X and the milder APT. All were fitted to a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

The all-season tyre compared to the mud-terrain X3
The all-season tyre compared to the mud-terrain X3

Channel host Jon Benson put tyres were put through handling, traction, hill climb and road driving tests, and no, it didn’t go so well for the mud tyre. We probably shouldn’t be surprised - this is a tyre for a specific use, and although you might think its blocky tread pattern would work in the snow, it lacks the ‘sipes’ cut into winter and all-season tyres to aid traction in colder conditions.

The winter option was unsurprisingly the best, but interestingly, the all-terrain boots weren’t as far away as you might expect. The big surprise was the US-spec all-season (which isn’t the same thing as a European all-season tyre, confusingly), although we’ll let Benson explain why and give all the usual insight.