Tony Pimpo 10 years ago 0

Alfa Romeo Milano Caught

Remind me later
The Alfa Romeo Milano is being prepped as a replacement for the successful 147 hatchback. In the Alfa Romeo brand hiercharchy, the 147 is larger than the MiTo and is more in the mainstream for buying tastes in the European market. There has been renderings of the car that have surfaced, and the actual car itself looks very similar to them. It has been caught completely uncloaked- on Facebook, of all places. AlfaRomeoMilanoFrontView Blurry picture, I know. That's because it was snapped off (likely from a camera phone) from inside the Italian Alfa Romeo plant where this car is being built. Apparently they must be building a run of test prototypes or something, because there is a large group of the cars caught in the photos and the announcement for the car hasn't even been made yet. The new Milano is looking good, check out those hidden rear doorhandles. They are being used to give the car a sportier, smaller appearance of a two-door. Nice touch! Internal Chrysler documents have shown that this is slated to come to the United States, and it will be a welcome entry into our market. Let's just hope it it comes as an Alfa Romeo, with Alfa Romeo badging and marketing, not as a Dodge. AlfaRomeoMilanoRear