A Carrera GT With 770bhp? We've Got Time For That!

A minted Russian has given his V10 Porsche 770bhp and racing hardware - but why?

Remind me later
edo-competition-porsche-carrera-gt-motorauthority-003_100217293_l You might think the Porsche 911 is old-fashioned, or the Boxster is girly, even that the Cayenne is evil. But, if you're in any way a Porsche fan, you've got to love the Carrera GT. Gorgeous clean lines, a manual gearbox, and only the rear wheels driven by a 5.7-litre, 604bhp V10. With a yowling sound only matched by the Lexus LFA, the CGT is an all-time supercar great - and should be left well alone. Right? Video 1
This is the Edo Competition Carrera GT, tuned to develop 770bhp. Amazingly, it's no turbo-bolt in job  - this is still normally aspirated. Edo adds a new intake , re-calibrated ECU, high-flow air filters and heavy-duty header catalytic converters. There's also a fully stainless steel, unsilenced exhaust that saves 18kg in weight, and gives the Edo CGT an all-new shriek. Like it? I'm not so sure it's an improvement. Video 2
It's certainly quick though. See the Edo CGT here nuking everything in sight on track. The car hits 60mph in under 3.4sec, and tops out 25mph faster than stock, at 227mph. That's speed to make a Ferrari Enzo blush. Given that the Carrera GT's awesome V10 was originally designed for a Le Mans prototype programme, it's fitting the Edo Competition car has had some racing tweaks. There's six-point harnesses inside with a carbonfibre gearknob, a huge carbon rear wing and 911 GT3 Cup-style front vent. It's much less pretty than the regular car, but is it worth it to have the world's most hardcore Porsche road car? Tell us in the comments...