Watch A Ferrari F430 Get Its Paint Ripped Off Doing Donuts On Dirt

For reasons unknown, the rich owner of this F430 Spider decided that donuts & dirt were a winning combo...

ferrari 1

There's a nice saying: 'money talks, wealth whispers'. In this case, however, the obviously wealthy owner of this once-pristine Ferrari F430 doesn't do whispering. Instead, he lets his F430 Spider's 4.3-litre V8 (483bhp, 343lb/ft torque) do the talking. On dirt...

ferrari 2

The clip - sent over by our friends SpeedHunters Al - shows the Spider being hooned through plumes of dust and dirt, which really can't be good for the paintwork or mechanicals. You can almost hear and see the paint screaming in pain with every dab of the accelerator. Still, the consolation here (if there is such a thing?) is that this Ferrari's not sitting in a museum collecting dust...


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