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7 Insane Cars You Wouldn't Expect To Have More Than 1000bhp

The days of 1000bhp being the reserve of the Bugatti Veyron and a select few dedicated drag racers is a thing of the past - these mad creations might look like unlikely racers, but they all pack an insane punch

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1. Boba Motoring Mk2 VW Golf - 1216bhp

2. Nissan Patrol - 1494bhp

3. Jeep SRT8 - 1000bhp+

4. Toyota Tarago - 1500bhp+

This is a bonkers build by an Australian called Bert Willemsen, who has history making mad Toyota vans… just check out his old Hiace!

5. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth - 1011bhp

6. Audi S2 - 1000bhp

7. Nissan Qashqai R - 1100bhp