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60% Of Cars Sold In 2019 Were Grey, Black Or White

The SMMT's annual report on the colour choices of UK car buyers - once again - makes for disappointing reading

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60% Of Cars Sold In 2019 Were Grey, Black Or White - News

We’re disappointed to announce that UK car buyers weren’t all that adventurous in 2019. A massive 60.7 per cent of all new car sales were for vehicles finished in either grey, black or white, with grey enjoying a second consecutive year in the top spot following a 1.6 per cent market share increase to 22.6 per cent.

We shouldn’t be surprised - a primary colour hasn’t been in the top three since 2010, when blue sat in third place. Blue is still the ‘best of the rest’, at least, sitting in fourth with a 16.2 per cent market share, with white ahead in third on 17.6 per cent and black in second holding a 20.2 per cent market share.

Image source: SMMT
Image source: SMMT

For the most part, the SMMT’s (Society of Motor Traders and Manufacturers) annual colour choice report looks largely the same as it did last year. The only difference is yellow sneaking back into tenth place, having been usurped by beige in 2018. Yellow still isn’t a particularly popular hue, however, with a market share of only 0.3 per cent last year, amounting to 6566 registrations.

Image source: SMMT
Image source: SMMT

New car registrations dipped by 2.4 per cent last year, which means no colours other than grey or turquoise outsold their 2018 numbers. 2019 also saw silver drop to its lowest sales figure in 20 years - 201,008.

Finally, the SMMT reports that the UK’s least favourite colours of 2019 were maroon, cream and pink. Together, they made up less than one per cent of all sales.