The BMW i8 Will Cease Production In April

Having served its purpose of opening people’s eyes to an electrified BMW future, the i8, so controversial throughout the early years of its life, is being retired
The BMW i8 Will Cease Production In April

BMW is drawing a line under the i8, just under six years after it launched in a fanfare of celebration and controversy. Production is set to cease in April with no sign of a replacement.

Lauded as BMW’s first electrified sports car, its looks were – and still are – as divisive as its approach. Its curious but highly effective mix of three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and a modest electric motor made it an unorthodox alternative to a Porsche 911. Potential buyers either loved this fresh take or felt that it lacked old-school authenticity or, at over £115,000 these days, was priced too high.

The BMW i8 Will Cease Production In April

Either way, the i8 has become a distraction from BMW’s all-electric next step, focusing on SUVs and the i4 saloon. Sports cars are still in the frame too, with something in development that is being derived from the Vision M Next concept.

That car did look quite a lot like an i8 playing dress-up, so we’ll see whether that car emerges as the i8’s successor. BMW says it won’t be, but that might just be marketing semantics. The sports car will use technology derived directly from the firm’s research and development in Formula E, but whether it’s a BEV or a hybrid isn’t yet known publicly.

The BMW i8 Will Cease Production In April

Reports claim that UK buyers wanting to secure a custom i8 build before it’s no longer available should order one by the end of February. Dealers are already trying to shift any stock they have, courtesy of massive discounts, and big deals are available on factory orders too.



Who honestly is surprised?

01/16/2020 - 15:21 |
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Matthew Henderson

There’ll be plenty of people who disagree, but I’m kind of happy. Maybe if it had a 4 cylinder I’d have liked it (or if it wasn’t as popular in Forza), but I never really liked it (though I don’t hate it).

01/16/2020 - 15:24 |
34 | 0

Same here. I think this car was too early for its time. Imagine an i8 with Tesla-like electric moteur + gas engine.

01/16/2020 - 17:02 |
14 | 0

Yeah I’m kinda the same way. It never really clicked with me, and when I found out I don’t even fit in one it kinda increased that feeling 😂

01/17/2020 - 14:25 |
2 | 0
Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

Well hopefully it will go down in price.
I’d really like to have one someday.
I mean, it’s probably the cheapest rear engine AWD supercar other than the Gallardo.

01/16/2020 - 15:46 |
8 | 2

The i8 is not a supercar in any way

01/17/2020 - 09:08 |
4 | 4

Thank god, that thing was an abomination imo

01/16/2020 - 17:56 |
2 | 8
Evan Smith 1

I loved the styling of it, but the 3-cylinder engine is a deal breaker for me. Glad they finally gave up on it.

01/16/2020 - 18:09 |
4 | 0
Kenji (Oldsmobile Fan) (GoldWing Enthusiast) (wheel nut)

i forgot this even existed

01/17/2020 - 03:46 |
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01/17/2020 - 08:18 |
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The i8 was BMW wasting a great design with a 3 Cylinder Hybrid and charging $130,000, its no wonder they never sold, its just too early to have some electrification in Supercars since theres really only one other supercar thats a Hybrid, the Honda NSX, and that doesn’t sell either

01/17/2020 - 08:19 |
0 | 0

I don’t know much bout cars but this BMW i8,is best,I love the way it’s coz it can be driven on African roads especially here in Kenya where engineers don’t know how to construct bumps!!

01/17/2020 - 15:21 |
0 | 0

Good, awful car!

01/17/2020 - 19:40 |
0 | 4



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