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Hi Guys, here I am again. And yes I’m going to talk about the E11 euro-spec Corolla AGAIN. (Don’t judge me, it’s the only car I know a ridiculous amount of things about)
This time I’m going to introduce you to the limited edition Corollas.

1. Corolla G6R

The year is 1998. Carlos Sainz is driving the Corolla WRC in the WRC championship and it looks like he has a shot to win it. Ultimatly he didn’t, but it was close. Toyota decides that this near win has to be celebrated with a special edition of the E11. They made The G6R.

To make this car they took a Corolla G6 1.6 and slapped on some extra goodies.
The differences between the normal G6 and G6R aren’t that big, but for the enthousiast, they’re enough. Here’s what they did:

  • They decided the car would only be made in one of 2 colors: Satin Black and Sunburst Red
  • They replaced the steel hood for an aluminum one (because weight reduction, bro)
  • They put some sideskirts on the car. Many people think these sideskirts are a G6R-only item, but actually Toyota took them of the Toyota Sprinter Carib (Japan-only)
  • They gave the Corolla some red seatbelts.
  • The bumper lip is painted in body color.
  • The 14’ inch wheels were replaced by 15’ alloys with 195/55R15 tyres.
  • springs that dropped the car 20mm
  • disc-brakes all around (some E11 allready had these as an option)
  • 19 mm stabilizers (This extra isn’t descripted in any folders, but it was the case anyway)
  • limited edition plaque (in some countries)
  • it’s own badge (2 diffrent badges, depending on the country)
  • diffrent carpets (in some countries)

Some goodies the G6 allready had, but are worth mentioning are:

  • 6-speed gearbox
  • aircon (2/3 of all the G6R have it)
  • electric windows
  • sunroof (only a handfull of G6R have it)
  • 4AFE engine good for 109 bhp (missed opportunity. They could have gone for the 4AGE 20V engine)
  • strutbar

The G6R was only distributed in a couple of countries. The Netherlands, Germany and the U.K. being some of them. In each of these countries about 200 were released. In the U.K. it was about 400.

2.Corolla G6S by TTE

The Corolla G6S is a G6 Corolla Hatchback, tuned by TTE or Toyota Team Europe in full. The G6S was only available in Germany, and was TTE’s way of showing of all the TTE goodies you could get for the Corolla E11. Well I say all the goodies, but that’s a lie, most of the goodies.
Finding info about the car is rather hard, because it was, you know, rare.

The G6S came with these awesome extra’s:

  • TTE bumper. Nowadays redicilously hard to find.
  • TTE roofspoiler
  • TTE Grandstand rims
  • TTE exhaust (made by Remus)
  • TTE badge in the grill

It however misses the TTE lowering springs (40mm) which I find a bit weird, and a missed oppurtunity.
As I have said, the car only came to Germany, but other European E11 owners did not have to cry, because all of these extra’s could be bought as options at the local dealer. But boy, did they cost you.

3. Corolla Sportivo

Ah, the Sportivo. The rarest of the rare. Only 110 were ever made … EVER. 10 test-cars and 100 official Sportivos.
This car was only available in Australia, hence also only in RHD.
The Sportivo is, at it’s base, an E11 Corolla liftback (or Seca as it’s called in Australia). It did undergo some changes however. And boy, are these changes a step-up from the changes they did to the G6R and G6S. The biggest one of them all being the engine. You can read about that below the options list.

Here’s what makes the Sportive different:

  • The 7AFE turbo engine
  • intercooler
  • stronger TRD (Toyota Racing Development) clutch
  • stronger TRD pressure plate
  • revised ECU
  • oil separator
  • high performance brake pads
  • 15” alloys (named Corsica) with bridgestone tyres
  • 15% stiffer coils
  • lowering springs (17 mm at the front and 15 at the back)
  • discs all around (ventilated at the front, no other European E11 has this)
  • Sportivo bumper kit
  • Sportivo side skirts (with Sportivo badge in it)
  • spoiler-raisers
  • limited edition sticker including production number out of 100
  • 2din radio-system
  • Sporty steering wheel (same as the E11 G6 hatchback)

To really understand this, you should know that the gasoline fueled Corollas normally come with one of these engines:

  • 4EFE - 1.3 L - 63 kw/84hp (pre-facelift)
  • 4AFE - 1.6 L - 81kw/109hp (pre-facelift)
  • 4ZZ-FE - 1.4 L - 71 kw/95hp (facelift)
  • 3ZZ-FE - 1.6 L - 81kw/109hp (facelift)

However they are not bad engines, they’re not designed for speed. They’re designed as a compromise between sportive driving and fuel saving. None of these are Turbo-engines either.
This is what they did to the sportivo:
They took a virtually stock 7AFE - 1.8 L and put a IHI turbocharger on it. This was good for 115kw/154hp.
Yes you read that right, NO forged pistons. They did however put in an intercooler and a stronger clutch packt linked to the standard 5-speed gearbox

The Sportivo-only parts are not made in duplicates. If you own a Sportivo and break one of your rare parts … That’s it. You will not be able to order a new one. Same goes with the engine parts that were build for this car (f.e. tubing). You can however use many parts from other 7AFE toyota’s, but some parts (especialy the turbo parts) will be lost forever.

Corolla WRC car

Yes yes, it basicly doesn’t belong here because there is no way to buy one. But this is one amazing car and I wanted it incuded.

The Corolla WRC is a Corolla specially built for the World Rally Championships and is not road legal.
It has the shell of the E11 hatchback, but it is powered by a modified 3S-GTE engine and a 4WD system from the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205. A normal 3S-GTE makes about 194kw/260hp. The WRC made 229kw/299hp. It’s differences with a normal E11 Corolla are, obviously, to much to mention.

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