£11,500 Replacement Key Among Hilarious Bugatti Chiron Parts/Maintenance Costs

What to know how much it costs to run a Chiron? Here’s a breakdown of 10-year ownership costs, plus some examples of how much you’ll have to pay if things break

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You wouldn’t expect a Bugatti Chiron to be a cheap car to run - we’re talking about a multi-million pound, 1478bhp hypercar hand-built using uber-exotic materials. And yet, hearing about some of the maintenance and repair costs still stands a good chance of making you spit whatever beverage you’re drinking all over your phone/laptop in shock.

A new video from The Hamilton Collection gives a brilliant and rather eyebrow-raising insight into how much the average Chiron owner might expect to be out of pocket over 10 years of ownership. We’ll let owner Steve Hamilton and his collection manager lay it all out, but there are a few costs we’d like to highlight.

For instance, the ‘major’ service that comes every four years will set you back $34,000 (around £28,000), while a set of tyres - recommended for replacement every 10 years - is about $4225 (£3600). Bugatti does - thankfully - supply the car with a four-year warranty, but if something goes seriously wrong with the quad-turbo W16 outside of that, be prepared to shell out a whopping $856,406.98 for a replacement.

Bugatti - £11,500 Replacement Key Among Hilarious Bugatti Chiron Parts/Maintenance Costs - Supercars and Hypercars

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the additional ‘speed key’ the car comes with - Hamilton lost one of those and ended up being $13,547.75 out of pocket.

We’d say ‘ouch’, but all of these will be chump change for most Chiron owners. They’re typically extremely wealthy, with a Bugatti spokesperson claiming in 2019 that its average customer owns 42 cars. Best save your sympathy.