You Should Buy This DIY Pike’s Peak Audi Quattro S1

If you happen to have £250,000 lying around, how about putting a genuine Pike's Peak racer in the garage?…
You Should Buy This DIY Pike’s Peak Audi Quattro S1

The Audi Quattro is one of the most iconic cars of its generation. Famed for the stage-munching, all-wheel-drive rally versions that propelled Audi to Group B dominance, it was then wheeled back into the limelight via a starring role in retro BBC TV show, Ashes to Ashes. This particular Quattro, however, has a story like no other. Its sole owner of 30 years has gradually improved the project car into the 800bhp, racetrack destroying machine that we see today.

Silverstone Auctions will be selling the Audi Quattro S1 on May 28th at Sywell Aerodrome, though you’ll need deep pockets to afford the estimate of between £225,000 and £250,000.

You Should Buy This DIY Pike’s Peak Audi Quattro S1

The car’s long-standing owner and mechanical engineer Keith Edwards, who has amassed over 2 million views documenting his journey with the car on YouTube, first bought it as a daily family driver more than 30 years ago. He spent over £200,000 upgrading the raging red machine, participating in the British Hillclimb Championship for a decade before receiving the coveted invitation to compete at Pikes Peak.

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Unfortunately, the car overheated in its 2018 attempt at ‘The Race to the Clouds’ and, ironically, too much cloud put paid to Keith’s 2019 event. It all meant the Quattro has never set a time on the world’s greatest hill climb course. Perhaps the next owner will carry on where Keith left off.

You Should Buy This DIY Pike’s Peak Audi Quattro S1

Keith swapped out the car’s engine from a 10-vale unit to a 20-valve 2.2 litre in-line 5-cylinder block. Aluminium cylinder heads have been fitted with a Farndon crank, custom connecting rods, Wossner custom forged pistons, and a Porsche electric throttle. Further additions include a custom intercooler by Webster Engineering, an intake manifold from a V6 Audi S6, Garrett Gen 2 turbos and a DragPower Bulgaria six-speed sequential gearbox. All this helps the car send around 800bhp to its four wheels, so the car’s next owner won’t be short of performance.

The race-spec Quattro rides on Speedline Motorsport Magnesium wheels with Avon Slick tyres, while Bilstein custom coil-overs have been fitted to each corner along with six-piston AP Racing brakes for stopping power.

You Should Buy This DIY Pike’s Peak Audi Quattro S1

The car was stripped of most of its original bodywork and rebuilt using Kevlar composite panels and mouldings, copied directly from Audi UK’s own Group B car. Only the roof and doors remain original, so this is a car that means serious business. We just can’t imagine how, after 30 years together, Keith can bring himself to sell it!

So, what do you think of this crazy machine? Do you think your project car will ever reach 800bhp? Let us know your thoughts.


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